Brotherhood 1989
Cold in soul
Brotherhood 1989
Brotherhood 1989
Reader of Zapotocky
Broderhood 1989
After years of injustices and strugg
Brotherhood 1989
Before noon
Brotherhood 1989
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The Brotherhood artistic association has never been a commonwealth in the traditional sense of the word, when it is true: let's get together, because in quantity is power. When they are less capable of hiding under the wings of more talented ones, they also support and support their affinity and presence.


The Brotherhood, not unlike the English Praerefaelites, may perhaps be best characterized by a certain kind of idea of the essential essence. This center of spirituality is directed by its members (but, necessarily, any person who begins with the Brethren actually deeper dealt with) through the unity of opinion, work and the common solution of things of life and art.


The Principle of the Brotherhood is therefore a way of approaching this outbreak, an attempt to get to know not only through art to the Great Dream.


Pavel Jirasek Pravda a lži o Bratrstvu (comments on the aesthetics and philosophy of their photographic work)

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