Zdeněk Sokol 

​I am a human being, reminiscent of his creative potential.

Born March 25, 1965 Prague

1989 - 1994 member of the Brotherhood Art Group
1990 - 1994 studies - FAMU Department of Photography
1994 - 1999 one of the most popular Czech advertising photographers

2000 - 2006 begins to discover that the world works differently than he imagined, is undergoing a strong psychospiritual crisis
2006 - 2016 lives outside the majority society in the forests, meditating on the meaning of life

2016 - slowly returns to normal life in the city Prague, devoted to filming videos for developers, documentaries, etc.


Returning back to artistic photography.

Exhibitions and Projects

1989 Brno Kounicovy koleje - Brotherhood Art Group
1989 Prague Exhibition Hall of the Semafor Theater - Brotherhood Art Group
1990 Prague Club at Parisian Street - Brotherhood Art Group
1991 Brno Young Art Gallery - Brotherhood Art Group
1993 Prague Prague House Photography - Brotherhood Art Group
1993 Prague Hogo Fogo K.S.K.
1995 Berlin - Cultural Center of the Czech Republic Brotherhood Art Group
1996 Brno - Moravian Gallery - Brotherhood Art Group
1995 Prague Radost Radost brings ecstasy
1995 Brno - Moravian Gallery Olgoj Chorchoj + Zdeněk Sokol
2000 Prague Rock Cafe - Exhibition with group 3dcl "Absolutely Best"
2001 Prague Rock Cafe - exhibition with group 3dcl The best woman is a woman
2003 Prague Prague Castle Shakespeare in the group group exhibition
2005 Prague Prima Dahab - large-format photography
2005 Prague Municipal Library - Czech photography 20th century
2006 Project Remix, Karlovy Vary, Prague, Uherské Hradiště - Multimedia project.
2006 Prague Hard DE-CORE STUDIO - Remix of my soul
2006 Prague Atelier BonBon Remix - Space people
2007 Project Bubny Zone - group exhibition Prague
2008 CFP! project of an alternative weekly magazine
2009 Zone Remix - Centrum Sklenářka
2009 Zone Remix Domoradice - Mother Earth's Light Temple - installation

Representation in collections:

The Museum of Applied Arts in Prague, Moravská Galerie Brno,
Moravian Gallery Olomouc.

Private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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